Now that I have given a little background on why I have decided to do this, I would like to say how I got to corrections in the first place.  So here is the beginning of my story that leads to my real life nightmare.  I graduated high school early in January of 2014, and I was preparing for my college career.  I had always had an interest in law enforcement, but when I graduated I was not 18.  So I started earning my criminal justice degree in the fall, and worked my way through college, and graduated this past winter.  In order to be a police officer, you have to be 21, which I was not until today.  I decided to start my law enforcement career by entering the world of corrections. (You only have to be 18 to work in a prison here)  So at just 19 years old, I was hired in to a maximum security men’s prison.  I moved almost 200 miles away from my family, and started a new life in my new town.  I had a rocky start because I was a young female in the prison system, and the veteran staff were not too trusting of me.  Once I hit shift, I began to excel quickly.  I started off in our mental health unit, which was also basically a lockdown unit with a few more perks.  It was easy only 24 offenders to supervise, and not an excessive amount of movement.  I was soon able to run the unit by myself, which only contained 48 offenders.  We always had three officers and no one was ever unsupervised.  I was then moved in to a cell house where sometimes there were over 300 offenders…and only 3 officers.  One for each floor.  It is incredibly fast paced and tiring, but it keeps you alert and awake.   Once I was doing well in my first cell house, I was transferred over to our more difficult cell house.  It was there, that I only made it too my fifth day before it happened.  Five and a half months of incredibly hard work were out the window, along with my dreams and my hopes at the career I had yearned for.


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