The department of corrections that I work for, as well as many others has different rules and regulations that they have to follow.  There are three reasons the facility I worked in played a role in how my assault took place.  They violated their own procedures and policies which put their staff in danger.  Firstly, as I stated before, the offender who assaulted me had assaulted two other female officers.  He was supposed to placed in segregation after his second assault, for the remainder of his sentence.  Which was life with out the possibility of parole, because he had actually been on death row at one point.  So right there, he was never supposed to be in contact with officers, and yet he was.  He was taken out of segregation because of his good behavior.  Genius.  Secondly, we had been dealing with a lot of tensions and assaults the past few months because of an incident that took place.  The administration had received notice that there were supposed to be staff assaults the weekend I was assaulted.  They were supposed to lock our facility down to ensure staff safety.  Guess what?  Our safety apparently does not matter.  Thirdly, there is a policy that says the offender to staff ratio cannot be over 15%, well the day I was assaulted, it was over 30%.  Meaning our facility should have been locked down anyway because we did not have enough staff too run the facility properly.  Every prison in the state of Indiana is running their facility with a shortage of staff in hazardous conditions.  So does this mean that someone has to die before they fix themselves?  In the cell houses, there are supposed to be nine officers running the house.  We run the house with three officers.  Three officers versus 300 offenders, who wins that battle?  It is becoming more and more of a problem, and nobody wants to talk about it.  Prison is supposed to be punishment not relaxation.  The rules are not enforced and the offenders do and say as they please.  People do not want to work there because they know their safety is even more in jeopardy, than it ever has been.  At the current prison I work in now, well let me rephrase that.  The prison I was working in for only a month before my foot fractured in three new spots (in relation to the previous injury), they run their dorms with one officer.  That is against policy, and you almost never see a second officer on the unit.  Something has to be done to fix the broken prison system here.  It is a joke to the offenders, a safety hazard to officers and offenders a like, and no one even knows about it.


2 thoughts on “Lockdown

  1. As in any company or organization, admin only cares about their role, therefore, you on the floor, well, whatever happens, happens. Their brilliant way of justifying and thinking is, “this person has a job and they’re damn lucky they have one, they knew what they were getting into, especially the females; they want equality in the workplace and then they complain!” Love it don’t you?


  2. Haha definitely! It just drives me insane that they turn the other cheek when something like this happens because they do not want to admit their own mistakes. I worked really hard under the impression they would have my back, and in the end the administration let this happen..


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