I know that some people would read this and ask what did I expect to happen…or why would a young girl work in a prison?  Well it was my desire to have a career in law enforcement that drove me to the prison system, and I expected that the prison would run their facility based off their policies and procedures that they put in place.  I was obviously wrong.  July 16th, started off like any normal work day.  I left my house at 430 am and was at the prison by 5.  I went through shakedown and sat with my superiors.  I was really sick that day, I barely had a voice, so I tried to go to a spot that would not require my voice.  I was shut down because they needed a female in the cell house.  Count cleared, and I let my lines out for recreation.  This is when everything started too take a turn for the worst.  Anyone who wanted a shower, had to be asked, and some of them were already lined up at my showers.  I began walking my first range containing 24 individuals cells.  When I reached cell 23, I realized that the offender had jammed his door.  He was acting strange, but in a nonviolent manner.  He asked me to sign a paper for him, next too his open doorway.  I refused and moved to sign elsewhere.  That is when the attack started.  He came up from behind me and tried to put something over my mouth to stop me from screaming, when that did not work he hit me in the face, knocking both of my contacts out.  I was told at this point he had also tried to wrap the radio cord around my neck.  The offender and I began fighting with one another and ended up on the ground somehow.  I landed with on top of him, with my back on his stomach.  He had me in kind of a chokehold and was hitting me repeatedly in the face.  I kept asking him why, and got no response.  I could not get my radio to call for help, so I started yelling for the first responder downstairs.  In between my yelling, I was continuously getting hit in the face and head.  The offender bit me in the cuticle of my thumb, and I ended up biting him.  He responded by hitting me in the head so hard I could see stars.  Through the entire assault, he was trying to touch me inappropriately below the belt, and was trying to undo my belts.  Finally, the upstairs officer had come to help.  The offender took off after my fellow officer, and left me lying in a pool of my own blood.  I had never seen so much blood before, and I had never had a bloody nose before.  I called my own signal as I got up and started wobbling to the end of the range.  Another offender came and brought me a towel for my face, and helped me off the remainder of the range.  I had no orbital bone left, I had knuckle imprints all over my forehead, I had cuts and scrapes everywhere, and I had a human bite.  Somehow, throughout the event, I had injured my foot also.  I was rushed to the hospital, where I underwent multiple tests and scans, and had to be treated for a human bite, as well as tested for HIV and Hepatitus, as well as other diseases.  I was nearly unrecognizable, and completely shocked.  I had not fully come to terms with what happened until maybe a few weeks ago.  I was the third female this man had assaulted while he was in prison, he had a shank, and he was going to rape me and kill me.  Now I have to live with knowing that I may never be able to finish out my dreams and goals, because of the actions of man who was never supposed to be close enough to injure any officer.


4 thoughts on “The Fateful Fifth

  1. You described your terrorizing trauma so well, yet handled it as professionally as you could. So sorry you had to be abused and injured while just performing ‘a days work’. I’m continuing to read your posts….


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