Even though working in a prison is not an ideal career choice for most, it is not all bad.  At the prison I was assaulted in, I grew to love my co-workers.  They became like a second family to me, and they were there with me almost every step of the way.  Checking on me, making sure I was still okay, both physically and mentally, and just providing the best support and advice they possibly could.  It was an amazing feeling knowing that there were so many people who had my back when I really needed it.  I was never afraid of walking through the doors every day because I knew that my family in blue would be right there to back me up.  I am lucky however, because not everyone can say that in other facilities and jails.  With the recent officer attacks in the jail over the weekend, it seems like officers are finally getting some attention.  It is not just an isolated incident that happens every now and then.  A female officer was also killed over the weekend.  Situations like those, are things that should never happen.  IF, I did not have my family in blue that day, I would not be here either.  And I know and will never forget that.  Even before the assault most of the staff were pretty nice and open.  If a fellow officer saw an issue, they were always there to help out in anyway that they could.  If someone was down, they could always make you laugh.  Prison is a very dark place for anyone, staff or offender, and sometimes the staff were the only thing that made you want to keep going.  They were my light in the darkness.


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