The question I get asked all the time is why would you want too work in a maximum security men’s prison?  Well honestly, as a female, I definitely know that I would never want to work within the walls of a women’s prison, especially after hearing way too many horror stories.  Another thing people like to say is that it is just asking for trouble.  Okay well I could go to a gas station right now and that could also be considering asking for trouble.  Being a female officer, and a young one at that, is really difficult mentally.  Statistically, young females are the ones who are normally trafficking.  Okay, I understand that statistics are against me, I hate math anyway.  However, staff can be pretty hostile to new officers in general, but especially the females.  While I had become really grateful and close with my shift, the beginning was pretty rocky.  From the first time I ever entered the prison for my interview, the rumors had already begun to fly.  I had a boyfriend locked up there and I was coming to traffic with him.  Good one.  And it was just constant from then on out.  I was accused of sleeping with offenders, trafficking with offenders, and even better I was sleeping with all of the staff.  How stereotypical.   I had to go to the investigators office I believe about six times, for different accusations each time.  And they knew that I was not doing anything wrong, but they had to investigate.  Female officers especially, were the worst.  Some would say jealousy others would say just pure pettiness, but regardless the female staff started most of the accusations.  They judged absolutely everything that you would do and anything that was slightly wrong, you would hear about it from your supervisors.  It became really difficult for me because I am not one to avoid confrontation or keep quiet.  The rumor mill in a prison is worse than being in a high school.  It follows you home just the same, and it never really goes away.  Once, I started to outshine some of my fellow officers and they saw that I was really not doing anything, I had a lot easier of a time.  But it took months, about four of them.  Between the rumors, and the male staff that are like dogs, it can be even more challenging than working with offenders.  Obviously, offenders are going to say stupid things all the time, especially in front of their friends.  But the majority of the male staff is no different, and sometimes they are worse.  Especially the married ones, whose wives work at the prison with you.  Yeah, it can get pretty ridiculous.  Being a female officer is a really challenging job, it is exhausting and draining to the mentality of a person.


3 thoughts on “The Female Officer

  1. While going through my years of depression and going back to work, I didn’t breathe a word to anyone that I had a mental illness and struggled at times. I definitely didn’t trust the lunch ladies that I sat with every day as they had awfully “loose lips” about everyone else, so could imagine what would be said about me. I hate gossip and decided to eat at my desk; I eventually got snubbed by most of them. Childish isn’t it?


    1. Oh that is terrible, I cannot stand people who are like that. It is really unfortunate that in the times we need to stick together the most, that people, especially females, try even harder to bring you down. It is really childish…one lady actually accused me of sleeping with an offender, and then had me sent to the Captain’s office so he could make sure my pants were not too tight. I was wearing men’s work pants, that the prison provided, and they were at least three sizes too big. It is just really sad that people are so hateful, when especially in a prison or school atmosphere, we should stick together the most.

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