The eighth amendment is supposed to protect offenders, staff, citizens from cruel and unusual punishment.  This includes hazardous living conditions.  The prisons here, need to do a giant reform, not just for living conditions but all around.  The word prison should bring fear to those who break the law, now it is considered a joke.  Why?  Because they are catered too.  Given whatever they want, little to no consequences for their actions, and they know it.  Officers have lost the power of respect and authority and have gained the title babysitter.  Our administrators need to take a look inside the route of the problem.  Sure, prison is still scary for some, but it is nothing like it used to be or should be.  Offenders get TV’s, a place to sleep, a sense of family (Gangs), which also includes protection, and soon they will also be getting IPads, they get an emailing system for their families, and pretty much unlimited phone access.  That is just what they are allowed to have.  They also most of the time can be found with tobacco, drugs and/or paraphenila, weapons, and sometimes a cell phone.  What do they really lose?  Their freedom to go outside (sometimes), and good food.  There are people, VETERANS, living on the street worse off than those in prison.  Our veterans are suffering, while our prison populations are living the high life.  They have lost their sense of respect, and their ability to follow the few rules that they do have.  But why would they follow rules when a write-up basically does nothing to them anyway?  They smoke their cigarettes all day, but be damned if the staff even says the word cigarette.  Some people may see this post and be like that is incredibly insensitive.  Okay, well yeah, it is.  But if you walked inside the prison or had a hidden camera and saw the way most of your loved ones act, when you’re not around, then you would feel the same.  The working conditions for the staff, they are a joke.  Staff is incredibly underpaid, and from what I have heard, do not know for sure, that we are the only state that does not offer hazard pay.  Most the prisons are at full capacity due to overcrowding, but there is not enough staff to safely and effectively run a prison.  That is how people get hurt, on both sides of the spectrum.  The rules go out the window for offenders, they know we are understaffed, and they know that they can get away with anything.  We need to go back to prisons being punishment and not rehabilitation.  The recidivism rate has gone up increasingly over the years, obviously rehabilitation is not the answer.


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