Staff try to hook up with other staff constantly, we have already discussed that.  However, something that is incredibly unfortunate that happens way too often, is staff and offender.  Here is why that is ridiculous and unsafe.  1.  You are in prison, it is dirty. 2. Offenders live, eat, and everything else with other offenders, that is dirty. 3.  Your offender you enjoy doing inappropriate things with, you do not know what diseases they may have or have caught inside the wall.  4.  You’re fired.  5.  Offenders are in prison, there is nothing that they can do for you, once your shift is over.

And this is what females, sometimes males, do all the time.  Sometimes people will hire in, just to find the love of their life behind bars.  Not everyone in prison is a terrible person, and not everyone in prison deserves to be there.  Just like not everyone on the street is an outstanding citizen or will tell you the truth.  However, the liklihood of losing your job, your dignity, and your cleanliness is a lot higher if you are messing around with someone in prison, and doing it at the prison.  You will get caught.  If the offender does not tell, his friends will.  If he wants you to sleep with his friend and you do not, your caught.  It just is mind blowing the things that these offenders can manipulate women, or men, in to doing.  But the staff can be just as manipulative.  Also, the offender cannot leave prison at any given time, he is stuck until he is released.  So you cannot call him, because it will be recorded.  You really cannot write him, because that is also monitored.  So the only time you will get to see your boyfriend is for the short amount of time that you are there.  There is little to no point in that.  I guess maybe because I worked in a maximum security prison where most of them were not getting out any time soon, I may be more biased.  It seems to be a growing phenomenon and it needs to stop.  It is really sad what some people are willing to do when they are looking for love or trying to get their rocks off.


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