Trafficking is when any staff member, contractual or not, brings in anything for an offender for monetary or personal gain.  Giving an offender a piece of gum is considered trafficking and will get you terminated.  A piece of gum sounds harmless sure, but it can jam cell doors or cause other potential problems.  However, there are more dangerous kinds of trafficking.  Those include bringing in tobacco, drugs, and the most dangerous, cell phones.  Tobacco is dangerous because as soon as you bring it, that offender owns you, and more than not they will be the ones to turn you in.  Drugs are dangerous because of overdose, but also because if something goes down, the offender may be too high or out of it, and have that super human strength we hear about.  Both are equally dangerous because they cause tensions throughout the prison with the offender population.  Something as small as a bag of coffee can get someone killed in prison.  Tobacco and drugs are not any different.  Cell phones are the worst of all.  When a person is in prison they have limited access to who they can call and what they can say.  All conversations are recorded.  When someone trafficks in a cell phone, they have just given that offender the opportunity to kill.  Why?  An officer is known, ususally, by their last name.  Offenders should not know where an officer lives, frequents, family, or anything personal.  A cell phone gives that offender the ability to know it all.  And it can kill an entire family.  All that offender has to do is get on his unmonitored cell phone, and make a call and that officer comes home to find his family murdered.  Sure, an officer can double their salary by bringing in some stuff, but are you willing to be the reason someone loses their family?  Unfortunately, it happens so much and it is so sad to see it.  When one person does it, it makes the rest of us look bad, and skeptical of each other.  We should be able to walk our beats trusting our brothers and sisters in blue.  But most of the time, it is not possible.  Trafficking is considered a felony, especially a cell phone.  Who really wants to risk their freedom for a little extra cash and some prison time? Offenders really do not want to be bunked up with their old CO.


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